Friday, July 18, 2014

A poem that I learned many, many years ago expresses my reason for serving the Lord.

Why I Love The Lord
(Author Unknown)

You ask me why I love the Lord,
Well, friend, just let me say...
Life wasn't worth the living,
'Till the Savior came my way.

You say I miss so much of life,
Yes, friend, praise God, I do.
I miss the sin and sorrow,
That once were all I knew.

I miss the days spent seeking joy,
The long nights full of tears.
I miss the heavy burden,
That I carried through the years.

But, friend, I wouldn't have them back,
For all that life could pay.
Life wasn't worth the living,

'Till the Savior came my way

Life without Jesus would not be a life, it would be an existence.  He is my everything.  
He has promised to be with me, guide me, protect me and hear my prayers.  
What more could anyone ask?  I love Him with all my heart.

My card for this week:

Fear not tomorrow, God is already there.


  1. Ahhhh wonderful card love ot so much... such a precious verse and a blessing to all who know the Lord Jesus by faith in Him. Love and prayer. Shaz in Oz x

  2. Thank you for the comments and the card was made with some of the items I got from Ginny.