Friday, December 19, 2014


On this day in history…Oops, I can’t start this blog post that way!

No, the day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour 
is not His true birth date. 
Research has shown that it was in the spring, possibly the 
end of March or the first of April.

But what does that matter that we don’t know the real date? 

The fact is that for one day the whole world is 
celebrating a day established for the express purpose 
of recognizing that Jesus left His heavenly home 
to come to earth to suffer and die for our sins.

No, He didn’t leave His unspeakably beautiful home
to come to the world as we know it today.

He was not born in a fancy hospital with doctors and nurses
 to care for His mother and Him.
He was born in a stable and wrapped in some cloth
and had a food trough for a bed.

As a child, He didn’t have electronic or battery operated toys.
He played in the sand.

He had no text books about history and psychology.
He had the Old Testament Scriptures for His earthly education.

There were no soft cushioned cars to ride in. 
He walked or at best rode a donkey (comfortable ride). 

No telegraph, telephones, radios or TV’s. 
He came as a human and therefore had to wait until information
came to Him delivered by messengers on foot.   

He had no fancy sound system to reach the multitudes seated
in an air conditioned or heated.cathedral. 
He had a mountain top for seating room, a boat for a pulpit,
the wind to carry His message to those gathered to hear.

He was not honored by the religious leaders of the day.
He was ridiculed and harassed by them, the ones who
should have recognized who He was and honored Him.

When He was accused by the people and they wanted 
Him put to death, there was no law requiring a fair trial.
He was accused, tried and condemned 
without any representation.

His death was the most horrible death that can be imagined. 
It was not swift and painless.

But He came knowing that this was what He would face.
Yet He came willingly for us, because He loved us. 

So on this day, the whole civilized world pauses because
He came, whether they acknowledge Him or not.  

His coming is why we have Christmas.
Does it matter what day we celebrate this?


  1. Mehrll... Such a lovely thought out post bringing glory to our precious Savior and redeemer.
    Oh that the lost would receive the Gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, God's Son, and have the joy of the Lord in their lives!

    Blessings to you,

  2. Ah so true sis the shepherds didn't watch their fields by night in the dead of winter!!!
    ... as it is too cold and more probably in the warm summer months I have read and that the Julian calendar which we use is out by couple of years too.

    As you say all this is irrelevant - our wonderful Lord and Saviour came... He came for us to be born, live and die for our sine.

    O Lord God this Christmas time may our light so shine that others might see you and long for peace everlasting in their own hearts and lives... and seek to knkw you for all eternity. Bless us with Thy wisdom and grace to be those True Lights for Thee.
    Love sis and every blessing upon you and those you hold dear.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Beautiful Post Marilyn, thank you for sharing, I was blessed and comforted reading it! What a wonderful Saviour!